GRC LovinLaces Zima
Seal Point daughter of GRC Lovinlaces Xanthippe

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GRC Whitesox Amigo of LovinLaces
CFA's Best Lilac Birman Nationally
2003-2004 and
9th Best Birman in Championship

GRC LovinLaces Xanthippe
CFA's 2000-2001 26th Best Champion
In the Great Lakes Region
CFA's Best Sealpoint Female Birman in North America

GRC, RW LovinLaces Yankee Star
Son of Xanthippe
CFA's 2nd Best Seal Point Birman 2002-2003
4th Best Birman Nationally
13th Best Cat in Japan

GP,RW Lovinlaces Hot Fudge On Vanilla
Son of GC  DM Lovinlaces Fifi Fondue and GC, DM Elcen's Chocolate Chip

CFA's Second Best Birman in Premiership Worldwide 2012
16th Best Premier in the Great Lakes Region in 2012

18th Best Birman Kitten in the Great Lakes Region 2011


Champion Lovinlaces Erik, The Blue
Best Birman at the Madison Square Garden 2007
Blue point son of Ch, GP Dreamin Blue of Lovinlaces Xantippe and GRC Lovinlaces Yum Yum

Grand Champion Lovinlaces Elderberry
Blue point son of GRC Lovinlaces Daphney and GRC Elcen's Chocolate Chip

GRC Lovinlaces Fudge Muffin
Sire: GC Gramar Zanzibar Aja Khan
Dam: CH LovinLaces Eleini


Ch Lovinlaces Frapacino
Seal point son of GRC Lovinlaces Creme De Caramel and GRC Gramar Zanzibar Aja Khan

GRC Gramar Zanzibar Aja Khan
Seal point

Sire: Gramar The Shiek
Dam: Shinoto Isabelle


GC LovinLaces Gadabout Gus
CFA’s Second Best of Breed in the Great Lakes Region
Sire: CH, PR Kyatwo Foo Blu of LovinLaces
Dam: GC LovinLaces Daphney

GC LovinLaces Ghirardelli


GC LovinLaces Give Me the Good News
CFA’s Best Birman Kitten Nationally 2010
Sire: GC Elcen’s Chocolate Chip, DM
Dam: GC LovinLaces Fifi Fondue

GC Lovinlaces Fiona
 CFA’s Third Best Birman in Championship in the Great Lakes Region 2010 and at the 2009 Sacred Cat of Burma show

GP, RW LovinLaces Zipper
11th best cat in Premiership
Great Lakes Region
Best Birman Premiere at The 2005 International, Houston, TX

Grand Champion Lovinlaces Daphney DM
Seal Point daughter of Lovinlaces Vixen DM and GRC Lovinlaces Buster Blue


Champion Lovinlaces Vixen, DM
Distinguished Merit Winner
Seal Point daughter of Ch Laurant Sovereign OF Naramist and Ch Lovinlaces Sophia

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