Kitten's availability and appearance changes. Pictures here are samples of LovinLaces litters at various ages. Please e-mail for up to date pictures of available kittens.


 seal point male, a chocolate point male neutered, and a seal point female...all are "show marked" they are 3 and 4 months all shots and tests health guaranteed


Seal Points and Chocolate Point from GC LovinLaces Creme de Caramel and CH LovinLaces Frapacino at 6 weeks

Chocolate Points and Seal Point from GC LovinLaces Eskimo Pie and GC LovinLaces Fudge Muffin at 9 weeks

Seal Points and Blue Point from GC LovinLaces Fifi Fondue and GC Elcen's Chocolate Chips at 12 weeks

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*****Seal points, blue points, chocolate points, lilac points, and lynx points****
Show or pet quality

 You may wish to reserve a particular color and or sex. You are also welcome to visit and pick out the kitten(s) you want. Birmans are addictive, and two make for twice the love and fun. Two kittens will also keep each other company when you go away or are at work. A trip to Upstate New York, its Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls, and the shores of Lake Ontario, where we live is well worth it.


We have both Pet and Show Kittens. 20 years of breeding and showing exclusively in CFA have given LovinLaces Birmans a reputation for not only competitive, healthy Birmans, but for integrity and honesty in its interactions with breeders and pet owners. We are always here to answer questions by phone,  e-mail, or in person.    


Kitten's availability changes, up until a contract is established.  You are encouraged to e-mail or call Tippi at 585 453 9323 and tell me what you are looking for and then I can send you updated pictures. I will answer all of your questions.


LovinLaces Birmans have a non-matting easy maintenance coat, and they are really "born in the bedroom; raised underfoot" which accounts in part for their sweet temperament... that, and selective breeding.



Kittens are available





(585) 453-9323