Available Birman Kittens

"Born in the Bedroom; Raised underfoot"

Specializing in Traditional Blue Point and Seal Point CFA Registered Birmans as well as chocolate points and lynx points

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CFA's Second Best Birman in Championship and

Second Best Birman in Premiership Worldwide 2012

Great Lakes Region Regional Winner 13th Best Cat in Championship
and Best Birman in Championship 2012

Great Lakes Region 16th Best Cat in Premiership

and Best Birman in Premiership 2012

Regionally Winning 18th Best Kitten 2011

CFA's 18th Best Kitten In Great Lakes Region

CFA's Best Birman Kitten Nationally 2011

CFA’s Best Birman Kitten Nationally 2010

Best Birman Kitten in the Great Lakes Region 2009, Third Best Nationally

Second Best Birman In Championship In The Great Lakes Region

Third Best Birman Kitten in Championship in the Great Lakes Region

Best Birman Kitten in the Great Lakes Region 2008, Third Best Nationally

***HOME OF GC, DM LovinLaces FiFi FONDUE &

    Her TWO GRAND CHAMPION daughters &

    Regionally Winning son***

Fifi became a Distinguished Merit Winner with her second litter



Q U A L I T Y    C O N S I S T E N C Y   H E A L T H    T E M P E R A M E N T

Carolyn Tippi Young Parmerter
Rochester, New York
585 453 9323

Over 20 years breeding and showing exclusively CFA registered Birmans


Member of Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers
National Birman Fanciers

CFA Birman Breed Council

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